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Sofia Dragt-ISA
Sofia Dragt-ISA
Sofia Dragt-ISA

Sofia Dragt-ISA | Key in the magic

Sofia Dragt has now spoken to nature. It might be her belief that she inspires the nature of her work as well. At least that is how she works. Her latest album is called ISA. In October 2021 Sofia Dragt went to Iceland for a month to stay in the beautiful town of Ísafjördur in Iceland as an artist in residence. She carried portable gear to record the sound of nature that moved her. Let’s listen to her inspired and powerful album.

The first track is called Isa’s Tuning. It is piano instrumental, with ambient flows of silent energy. The rhythmic keying allows you to warm up to what can be prelude to her album. A short track to get your taste buds to adjust to this tale of ivories.

Temporary Gold showcases Sofia Dragt with her vocal range and style as well as her primary instrument. It is emotional and rising, creates a build from scratch. Though she uses her previous track to flow into this, she uses loops and ambiences to perfect the impact of her lyrics. Uses harmonics to create the crashes and waves, she curates nature for its powerful impact in this case.

As the trees speak

Vegg is an emotional, cinematic number that uses the natural frequencies of strings for powerful impact. Layering instrumental and lyrical songs, Sofia Dragt is creating a precious catalogue of music that moves. Using the melodic abilities of the piano as well as contemporary crafts to create her desired effect, she drives great depth into her journey.

Up Until Five has a predominant pop feel, though she substitutes the power of the piano with the synth. This allows for a whole new set of flavors to be seen from Sofia’s musical textural palette. With electronic influences, no element is forced, but flows into each other to create something unique and elevates her vocals. Twilight Cafe has nightmare fuel to its feel, to create a tense exchange between creator and listener. It is the thriller track of her EP, translating several emotions without any lyrics.

The Train Goes On builds from the remnant currents of the previous track, with some new ambiences. This has vocals with a simple and beautiful implication through the chorus. This singers track is influenced by many artist, but mostly through the experiences she’s had through travels. The EP closes with Isa’s reflection, a raw and pure track that showcases Sofia Dragt and her sorcery with composition. These are talented, masterful arrangements, made by a true indie contemporary visionary. You’ll hear her next on a nature documentary in Dutch that she is working on.

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