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Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends & David Myhr – Some Angels Never Learn To Fly

Redmoon, a Swedish band gave rise to the solo project of Arn-Identified Flying Objects Alien Friend that made its debut in the summer of 2020. David Myhr is also a Swedish artist who is known for his ecstatic pop music that features some deep melodies and harmonic vocals. Both these amazing artists recently came together to create a masterpiece that is named ‘Some Angels Never Learn To Fly’ which is surely one of the best tracks I’ve come across in a while. This track is a part of a 2 disk album named ’17 Birds at the Summer’s Gate’ which packs some ecstatic tracks that will touch your heart.

I was thrilled to discover such an amazing piece of art that is full of emotions and life in the form of a musical track named ‘Some Angels Never Learn To Fly’. This is a track that can make you swing with joy and weep with sorrow at the same time. The track starts off with some heart-felt melody that sets the mood for the track. The vocals sweep in with a sense of hysteria. The vocals are surely well-structured and executed with beauty. The drums are played with exact energy needed at each point of the track, making it more impactful. The harmonies will melt you heart away making you fall in love with this amazing track. I surely fell into a state of ecstasy listening to this track. Do give this track a spin and trust me, you will fall in love with the lovely vibe that both these artists create.

You can listen to the track, ‘Some Angels Never Learn To Fly’ by Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends & David Myhr here-

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