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Anfang – Honey Trudge | Chicago Rock

Anfang, the dynamic blues-rock trio from the Windy City, have just released their latest single “Honey Trudge” and it’s a guaranteed hit. With their first release of 2023, Anfang demonstrates their growth as musicians and takes their musical journey to new heights. Frontwoman Andie Zaragoza’s vocals are nothing short of extraordinary, above the electrifying instrumentation of drum beats, juicy riffs, and tight bass lines. With Andie Zaragoza’s powerful vocals leading the charge, Anfang delivers a sound that’s both raw and refined. Christian Newman on bass and rhythm guitar and Nick Rissler on drums provide a sturdy foundation for Zaragoza’s soaring voice, creating a soundscape that’s as rich in texture as it is infectious.

The guitar work is brutal and the song’s energy is infectious, giving the listener a rock and roll experience like no other. “Honey Trudge” is a reinvigorated take on the classics, infused with signature guitar riffs, dynamic vocals and powerful drum beats. It is the epitome of a feel-good rock tune, guaranteed to get your blood pumping. Its catchy choruses, seamless transitions, and thumping basslines will have you headbanging in no time. It’s one of those tracks that would play excellently at a live gig, making it the perfect anthem for your playlists! This tune is the definition of upbeat, high-energy music and is brimming with unforgettable vocals and electrifying instrumentation. With this release, Anfang have truly cemented their place in the genre and we can’t wait to see where their next musical journey takes them.

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