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Yusufyoko – Love Me Then | Experience The Bliss

Music has always been a way for people to express themselves. For Yusufyoko, it’s a way to share his life story. Yusufyoko is an up-and-coming artist who creates music that is inspired by his life experiences. His songs have been recorded all over the world, but they started in a loft in Berlin. Not much is known about Yusufyoko, but his music speaks for itself. His songs are honest and heartfelt.

He has released his second single called “Love Me Then.” This is such a soulful song. I love the use of soundscapes that make you feel like you’re drifting away on a psychedelic cloud! The rhythms are upbeat and catchy, with a nice bassline that’s not overbearing yet compliments the vocals perfectly. “Love Me Then” will chill you out with that awesomeness in the middle that will have you flying high while listening to this song! The mix of musicality and unique and velvety vocals is almost like being mesmerized by the ocean waves at sunset. I had a wow moment from the moment the song started! If you are in need of something to lift your inner mood and help you unwind, this track will do just that. A match made in heaven, this song has all of the right instruments to pull off its ambitious goal: to make you feel good. The song is a give-and-take between jazz and R&B, and other genres, letting the amazing vocals shine in between chords. “Love Me Then” is sure to become one of your favorite go-to songs for relaxation. So check it out and let Yusufyoko carry you away on a musical journey.

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