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JUNK- We call it JUNK
JUNK- We call it JUNK
JUNK- We call it JUNK

JUNK show us the genre shifters they are with the catchy “We call it JUNK.”

JUNK is probably the last thing you would call this music. Maybe playing with that idea was funny enough for this group. Their music is a fusion of so many styles you’d not even put together. However, you listen to it, and it’s all the rave you’d want in music. They have caught on quick, and there’s no slowing them down. This is their latest single, We call it JUNK. 

When you hear the brass section and some other stylish percussion involved genres, hip-hop doesn’t come to your mind. That’s why you’re not in JUNK. The project continues to surprise, with their funky style and lyrics delivered moment by moment. Their catchy single They Call Me Old Man comes to mind, the delivery and monologue overlays. Hip-hop legends like Q-Tip come to mind, with the kind of flow they have with the background.

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Each pause will make you think the tide will change, but they retain the switch. It is an exciting development of events, and something you’ll want to dance to all evening. The breaks also lead to a real smooth plain, where you can anticipate the music but can’t predict it. That is what makes JUNK so special and helps them retain that edge.

Squakin like a Bird! and Comatose are some favourites of mine, and all their songs grow on you. Their attention to melody as well as lyrics make them a prospect for any kind of playlist. Go ahead, listen to them and follow them for more grooves like this:

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