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Laurence Warner-Babyyy (I Want to Know U)
Laurence Warner-Babyyy (I Want to Know U)
Laurence Warner-Babyyy (I Want to Know U)

Laurence Warner-(Babyyy) I Want to Know U | Chance

Laurence Warner might have had that 90s musician fuel. With just his mention of the iPod classic on his bio, I wanted to hear what he sounds like. His music is a mix of everything we missed, the singing, rapping and overall having a good time. This is his latest single, (Babyyy) I Want to Know U.

In some ways, this might just sound like a ballad. But it cannot be so straightforward. As a musician, Laurence creates an aura of alt-rock with a pop soul. The distortion guitar kicks in for that energetic pulse every song used to have earlier. Maybe Morrissey in another lifetime would have liked to have sung this kind of music. Something that appeals to everyone, is memorable, and doesn’t use a million complex words. It has a great flow to it, in terms of progressions it’s simple as well. Find your weekend loop in this song by Laurence Warner and listen here:

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