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Mortal Prophets-Down on Me
Mortal Prophets-Down on Me
Mortal Prophets-Down on Me

Mortal Prophets show the way with their powerful single, “Down on Me”

The sound that Mortal Prophets carry is that of change. To be recognised. They might be within the blankets of indie music folds right now, but it can all change soon. Their exhilarating song called Stomp the Devil made the waves that put them on the map. John Beckmann and his crew unearth the chorus from blues roots for their latest single, Down on Me.

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Mortal Prophets raise a platform

To get a digital revival like this has a tidal change integrated. This might be the first time in their lives that listeners will hear the chorus of the song, popularised by Janis. The damning digital beat is like a foreboding warning. You can instantly hear this become an activist anthem, for causes that might be overlooked, ignited by sensationalism. The rest of the lyrics are tailored to this time. Mortal Prophets take no time to give this industrial tone a punch that resonates with the generations that are here and yet to come. The plethora of effects used make it a sci-fi soundscape that pays respects to pioneers of electronic music as well. You can hear Mortal Prophets change the theme and bring the spotlight to what we should be wary about with this incredible single.

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The retrofit nature of their songs like Born Under a Bad Sign, Dealey Plaza Blues and John the Revelator just show the realities in which Mortal Prophets live. You hear the original, hear the revival and judge for yourself. This group is going places, and taking you where you’ve never been. Follow them and listen to their single here!:

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