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Dax-Searching For a Reason
Dax-Searching For a Reason
Dax-Searching For a Reason

Dax-Searching For a Reason | Piercing through pride

The last single I reviewed from Dax was Dear Alcohol. It was a mature detachment track about his struggles with addiction and his war with the vice he has. His tracks have transformed into those of self-reflection, betterment and clarity of thought and provocative searchings. He continues this in his latest single, Searching For a Reason.

Using simple melodies and a laid back beat, all in focus are his lyrics. They aim to be a light within himself, and he’s searching for a moment within this existential dread. Using melodies for his chorus, he uses minimal production to actually sing what his struggles and opportunities are about. Moments where he’s been judged too early, and his words have been used against him. This track is featured on his 2021 album, Pain Paints Paintings. One of the more mature, chiseled tracks he has written, with a solid backboard for support and his powerful lyrics.

His tracks aim to have a political, polemic edge that creates awareness yet makes him remain true to his art form. From Tech N9ne to Elle King and Emiway Bantai, his collaborations earn him creative points and styles that he can bend his style around. We hope to hear more creative tracks from Dax soon, with maybe a new album on the way.

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