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“Grind” by Don Drago: Tight flows, wafty melodies

Don Drago, singer, producer, and entrepreneur from Florida, creates tropical pop and hip-hop tunes that inspire seizing the day, celebrating accomplishments, and having fun. His passion for music started in his pre-teen years, with hip-hop and pop influences like Nelly, Eminem, and Ludacris. Driven by writing lyrics, he expresses themes of perseverance and courage, reflecting his own journey. Fans of Flo Rida and Pitbull will enjoy his crafty lyrics and upbeat sound that keeps you grooving. Through his music, Drago encourages self-improvement, hard work, and motivation to achieve goals. 2023 promises to be Drago’s most significant year yet—tune in for his musical journey on “Grind”, his latest single!

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This beat is electric. Right from the word ‘go’, there is this unmistakable bounce and groove to the melody that had me hooked from the very first bar. As and when the vocals do make their entrance, it just feels like the cherry atop the cake, with tight-knit flows and pretty complex rhyme schemes, all neatly garnished with wafty, reverbed adlibs.

The mix and master of the song leaves no stone unturned in impressing the listener. The vocal mix is on point, with the dynamics in the song being handled excellently well. The instruments all have their places, and all of these factors come together to make “Grind” a banger of a listen today! Check out the song here:

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