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tizane forever is nothing
tizane forever is nothing

Alt-Rock Celebration – Tizane’s “Forever Is Nothing” Sparks Musical Brilliance!

Tizane is a brilliant musician from South-East London. Tizane, undeterred by persistent anxiety-related issues that plagued her school years, channeled her energy into music. She began penning wonderfully delicate songs of love and grief at the age of fourteen, seeking solace with her broken guitar. She remained focused on her artistic goal despite the more exciting temptations around her. Tizane evolved her talent over time, emerging as an acclaimed writer of surreal, twisted tunes. She now has an extensive following across an array of digital music and media channels.

Tizane is back with a new album “Forever is Nothing” with 10 songs in total. “Off The Edge” takes you on a soul-stirring journey, where Tizane’s beautiful guitar melodies and enchanting vocals blend in seamless harmony. The song flows smoothly, beginning with a soft, mystical aura. You are drawn deeper into the rhythm as it picks up pace, unable to resist its undeniable rock seduction. No better way to kickstart the album!

“Don’t Tell Me The End” explodes with electrifying energy from the first note. This high-octane song explodes with unrestrained ferocity, instantly gripping you with its relentless drive and spirited rhythm. “When The Ravens Leave” unfolds a beautiful dreamland, sliding from relaxing guitar and passionate vocals to an explosive, unparalleled pop-rock revelation.

“I’m Not Her” is a standout on the album and a personal favorite of mine. It delicately balances melancholy and serenity, with Tizane’s acoustic guitar and vocals deeply touching your soul.

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“Small World” is an exciting rock tune that will have you swaying from the first beat.  At 3:03, the buildup adds an unexpected and delightful dimension, making it a truly enjoyable listen. Beautiful beats and guitar work steadily build up in “Every Minute,” leading to the introduction of electric guitar, injecting energy. The chorus is particularly gripping because of the song’s ebb and flow.

“Who’s Gonna Hurt Me Now” captivates you with its slow start, giving you a chance to breathe before unleashing its energy. This is another personal favorite. The song masterfully expresses emotions of sadness and rage with electric guitar, drumming, and Tizane’s powerful, polished vocals, keeping you hooked throughout. The electric guitar work in the song deserves special mention. Too good!

“Running” is a kind of song that slowly grows on you. The buildup to the hook line “Running” always hits the sweet spot. The electric guitar shines brightly, with excellent control and performance. Tizane’s vocal mastery is truly incredible.  I could just listen to her all day.

“Why Not Me” reveals the tender side of Tizane’s voice. The song captures the complexities and sensitivity of such relationships by depicting a blend of desire, confusion, and the search for answers in a relationship The musical arrangement perfectly conveys the emotions in the song.

The album concludes with “Forever is Nothing,” which showcases Tizane’s gentle vocals and acoustic guitar performance. The song depicts a heartfelt and devoted longing for someone, despite time and challenges. Halfway through, the pace picks up with excellent drum and electric guitar work, and Tizane’s vocals shift into a more powerful rendition. An exciting and delightful album finale that showcases Tizane’s extraordinary talent. I’m rooting for her to shine in the music world.

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Enjoy listening to “Forever Is Nothing” by Tizane here.

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