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Klein and Jamison-Klein and Jamison Sonatas for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Klein and Jamison-Klein and Jamison Sonatas for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Klein and Jamison-Klein and Jamison Sonatas for Alto Saxophone and Piano

Klein and Jamison create magic with “Klein and Jamison Sonatas for Alto Saxophone and Piano”

Klein and Jamison transport you to the lounge class of 2023, in with their style. Their latest album called Klein and Jamison Sonatas for Alto Saxophone and Piano is almost like a meditation to another sphere. Prepare yourself to listen to 4 musicians in their prime state of flow. What you are about to experience is the crème de la crème of music. Headphones on, lights dim and wine glass in hand please.

Klein and Jamison combine efforts with Andrew Dahlke and Junyun Lee for this immersive experience. It opens with a No. 2: Primavera, an inviting song with the warm tones of the saxophone taking over. As the piano takes the lighter tones and fills the gaps, there are moments in the marriage that bear witnessing. It is an incredible opening track, the control in the phrasing, well crafted summaries are as panoptic as any song could get. As they dance across scales, you cannot help but wonder.

No. 2: II. Misteria brings all the tone and brilliance of seasoned musicians. It is my favourite tune in the album, the genuine live nature of the recording felt in the breaths taken as well. The breaths between one phrase and the other, and the necessary silence to appreciate it. Klein and Jamison compose something heartfelt-and real with their meditative performance. 

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Klein and Jamison create visuals with notes

No. 2: III. Vienta goes for a playful tune that prances and takes you on a path you wouldn’t expect. It is as detailed as it could get in terms of notes. How the waltz of notes is to unfold-only the musicians will know, and they make it worth your while. Hearing this live would have incurred twice the amount of tears in my eyes. No. 1: I. My Calf is the barrage of notes you would never see coming. Klein and Jamison go head to head to fabricate a world of fantasy with their emotional tune. The incredible layering, pauses and dramatic folds create a path to the yellow brick road-the one that exists only in dreams. 

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No. 1: II. Tranquilo takes it slow to facilitate the facade, before becoming the storied structure it is. Klein and Jamison enlist some of their most delicious ascends and twists to make sense of a delusion. It is the kind of tranquillity that also teases something else in the works. No. 1: III. Fugato takes you through another reverie of emotion. The syncopation is the thinly veiled curtain that pretends to hide the actors behind. You know how well crafted Klein and Jamison have created their worlds to be with their previous album as well. Eight Paintings for Piano was absolutely charming, while being an eye-opening piece on art perception. It was art inspiring life inspiring art, something you see rarely. 

I am in awe of what this duo can create, while keeping true faith in the genre. You can listen to their moving singles on this album and follow them for more!:

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