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Centershift-The Ride
Centershift-The Ride
Centershift-The Ride

Centershift take the wheel for a rock revelation with their single, “The Ride”

Centershift have ridden the same side of the vinyl as some of the biggest names in rock and metal. Just by listening to any of their songs, you can feel that burgeoning 90s influence and energy. The drive is felt in every song, the band’s vocalist Jasan Radford a pivotal part of the force. With bassist Ted Wenri, guitarist Ryan Shane and drummer  Stefan Storace- this band is that wave of rock you miss. This is their latest single, The Ride. 

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Centershift take you along

Sharing the same stage with System of a Down, Incubus and Static X, Centershift was one of the many cogs of the post grunge movement. This is heard in their music and compositions-an attempt to unite the styles that were marking tributaries during the 90s. The story is different now, and there is a strong undercurrent for a band like this. Their single opens with their explosive guitar tones coalescing with the vocals. A flow is achieved with the verse, the minimal, softer but crunchy tones being delivered. The poetry to be observed is incredible, you’ll feel one with the band’s soul. Matured, detailed composition brings some of the best chorus parts I’ve heard in many years. 

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Their singles like 9 and My Own World have some great parts to learn licks and composition from. Just as a band, Centershift are the kind of force that always gives you faith with their presence. Follow them for more like this and listen to their rocking single here!:

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