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Natasha Nicole Gilbert - Recovery
Natasha Nicole Gilbert - Recovery

Natalie Nicole Gilbert – Recovery | Emotional

With her album titled Recovery, Natalie Nicole Gilbert is serving us some beautiful music this year. This being her second album of 2021, Recovery is a curation full of songs about resiliency and overcoming adversity. A compilation of soothing and touching originals, as well as fresh takes on Mariah Carey, Billy Joel, Oh Wonder, George Michael, and soulful B-sides. The combination of piano, rhythms, synth, and actual strings creates an atmospheric production that functions as a soul cleanser.

Consisting of 12 tracks with a run-time of 42 minutes, the album features eight covers and four original tracks. Jarrett Johnson and songwriter David Blair are featured on the album. The album is also up for a Grammy Award in the Pop Vocal Album category right now.

The first track on the album is Say Anything. With a brilliant piano intro that guides the song, the rhythm is dominated by guitar. Gilbert’s vocals are pensive and playful and really depict the uniqueness of her vocals.

The track All We Do moves towards a more delicate tonality. Mostly acoustic, this track slowly sets in the atmospheric vibe that follows throughout the album.

The next song, Postcard, has a playful and heartfelt sound to it. What reminds me of country pop, this acoustic track has the essence of love songs that remind you of your first love.

The song Faith is literally a confession of faith that makes you feel your emotions. Before you know it, you’re wishing to watch this beautiful duet live, while you’re standing around a group of people who are feeling the same thing you are; and everyone is waving their flashlights in the air. This song feels unplugged and personal. Natalie Nicole Gilbert shows off her dynamic vocal range with vocal frays that will blow your mind.

The songs, On your Feet again, Only Hope and Victory Is Never Free takes a different turn. These songs of the album explore deeper themes, and we see a vulnerable and sweeter side to Gilbert’s vocals. While On Your Feet Again feels like a quintessential pop song. These songs feature beautiful piano melodies, and I wouldn’t be surprised if these songs were used as cinematic scores. The instrumentals are beautiful, layered and orchestral and show off Natalie Nicole Gilbert’s range as a musician.

Vanishing and Light Inside take it forward from the predecessors and move into the realm of what feels like theatrical music. They also remind me of Disney music. With elaborate melodies, orchestral atmospheres, Gilbert’s vocal range in Light Inside hit a new high. This song makes it feel like it’s a whole new person singing.

The song, Say You’ll be There, feels like a combination jazzy-pop song that should be in a musical. The album ends with two beautiful covers – Fix You (Coldplay) and Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) (Billy Joel). Gilbert takes these well known songs and makes it her own. These songs find their place seamlessly on the album and perfectly complement the journey of Recovery that Gilbert is taking the listener on.

Recovery is a beautiful pop album and is a must-listen. Whether you are in the mood for some introspection or some calming, well-stimulated chill time, Recovery is the album for you.

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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