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Leo - Stevie Boi Jr
Leo - Stevie Boi Jr

Leo – Stevie Boi Jr | groovy

Leo is an alternative R&B/Hip Hop artist originating in Massachusetts who discovered his passion for music when he was 14 years old. As high school was approaching, Leo was diving deep into spirituality and his own connection to the universe. This enabled him to discover and unlock things about himself he never knew he was capable of. Since his Junior year of high school, he started releasing music while creating a brand for himself entitled “granted” where all of his music, videos, artwork, and merchandise falls under collectively.  

Ten years on and after a variety of singles, Leo just released his debut album called Stevie Boi Jr. The project features nine songs that are brought to life with a 29-minute visual that combines cartoon animation and real-world visuals, demonstrating his inventiveness and love for music. You can hear, see, and feel all of Stevie Boi Jr.’s highs and lows, from his childhood background to the pursuit of his career.

Leo displays a mix of soul and R&B influences with a little bit of neo-soul. Leo’s flow and cadence remind me a lot of Isaiah Rashad and Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon.

The album begins with the track New Era (Intro). Leo keeps his production simple and lets the music speak for itself. A cool groovy track, New Era (Intro) is a great way to ease into your day and slowly pick up the pace with the rest of the album. The next track Morning Routine is very atmospheric and very grounded in reality while it engulfs you into a morning groove. The visual rendition of this track is a great watch.

The next two tracks Wishy Washy and Same Old Sound display some major early 2000s hip-hop and pop styles but are set in the present times. Leo does a great job at displaying his vocal harmonies. I been Drinking puts a new turn on the album. With a laid-back feel, the next few tracks really highlight the production and the beats.

The track Decades has this really cool snare sound that paces the entire track. Preaching make love not money, Decades seems like Leo’s personal agenda anthem. Sleep when I’m dead has an eerie indie vibe but picks up with a beat and Leo’s verses. Canyon call, like Morning Routine, is also rather atmospheric. This one might just be my favourite track in the album. Rather progressive, Canyon call feels very immersive.

The last track on the album is called Deja Vu and it throws back to the groovy vibe at the beginning of the album. Leo’s work feels very much unplugged and groovy. This new-age emo rap is has very specific influences and is a great album to keep your energy up and moving while doing your work.

Go listen to Stevie Boi Jr by Leo and don’t miss out on the visuals.

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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