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The Infinite Daisy Chains – Paper Tigers | Futuristic

If you enjoy Dream-Pop or Downtempo music, you’re going to want to check out Washington DC-based artists called The Infinite Daisy Chains. The duo comprises Ian Dandridge and Kristina Westernik-Dandridge who were introduced at a rehearsal one day and started creating music under the moniker soon after. “Paper Tigers” is one of the singles from their latest EP, “Between You And Me”, which was released on October 22nd, 2021, and it combines a variety of instruments that blend wonderfully together to create a modern alternative/indie sound.

Reminiscent of music from shoegaze artists such as My Bloody Valentine and Lush, The Infinite Daisy Chains don’t really adhere to any genre when it comes to creating their music. The song begins with a colorful synth arpeggio, hard-hitting drums, a percussive bassline, and an appealing distorted guitar. Kristina’s reverb-drenched vocals float over a lush mixture of soundscapes and synthesizers, evoking a sense of otherworldliness that is simply breathtaking.

Although “Paper Tiger” features a wide array of instruments, it seems to be driven primarily by drum machines and excellent guitars. Additionally, there’s a lot of variation throughout – staggering guitar leads, rich harmonies, and an outstanding outro section; very dynamically strong!

The Infinite Daisy Chains have been releasing music that brought the two of them together since 2020, and I must say, each of their singles is captivating and has its own distinct sound. With their latest six-track EP, they take you on a journey through enthralling soundscapes and powerful melodies that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

We were fortunate enough to get an interview with the duo, and here is what they had to say!


  • Q1 You’ve been working together for many years now and your hopeful, reverb-drenched music sounds amazing! What is it like working with your significant other while making music like this? 

It’s an easier process than being in a band with many members because we both live together. So our home studio is five steps away from our bedroom so there’s no commuting to rehearse or collaborate on music! 

  • Q2 What inspired the lyrics of Paper Tigers?  Is writing a collaborative process for both of you, or do one of you take on the responsibility? 

We both collaborate together and the role we play depends on the song. For “Paper Tigers” in particular, Ian wrote the chords on guitar and Kristina wrote the lyrics to the song.

  • Q3 What would you like your listeners to take away from “Paper Tigers”? 

We hope they enjoy the sounds and the message in the music and take away whatever they feel. We think the song has a contemplative, meditative mood so we hope listeners have some inspired musings as a result of listening to the song.

  • Q4 Who are your inspirations when it comes to writing music like this? 

Slowdive is a huge inspiration for us, we were especially trying to channel them sonically in the chorus of the song. 

  • Q5 You have released a few well-received singles since 2020. What can we expect from The Infinite Daisy Chains in the future? 

We just released a six-song Between You and Me EP this week (definitely check it out) and we have collaborations in the works with Spaceface, a “retro-futuristic” psych-pop music project based out of Los Angeles and Memphis, TN. That’s next on our radar to finish up and put out in the world!

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