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Alif Maulana - Take No Regrets
Alif Maulana - Take No Regrets

Alif Maulana – Take No Regrets | upbeat

Alif Maulana, who was born and raised in Jakarta, began performing music at the age of six. He hasn’t slowed down since then. Alif just completed his studies in Birmingham, United Kingdom, where he was the bassist and arranger for the local band The Clinks. During this time, he performed at a number of notable local venues and festivals, as well as having six consecutive weeks with tracks at the top of the local charts. After graduating from university, Alif went on to write and record his debut album. Alif Maulana has been releasing tracks off his debut album, Expedition, and is working hard to expand his fan base in the UK and internationally. He’s made the most of the pandemic by composing, recording, and producing a lot of new music and collaborating with other artists.

With three singles out in 2021, Take No Regrets is his newest single in 2022. The upbeat, pop-rock song is an absolute beauty. From Alif’s dynamic vocals to the bluesy guitar riffs, this song is a smoothly simulated tune that goes down easy. The range that Alif displays in this single is really impressive. What’s even more inspiring is that Maulana actively creates his music to be affirmations. His entire discography consists of songs that he strongly believes in, including taking no regrets with this single.

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