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Kat Reinhert - Hiding In The Dark
Kat Reinhert - Hiding In The Dark

Kat Reinhert – Hiding In The Dark | Enriching

Kat Reinhert is an artist, educator and writer based in New York. Reinhert is extremely influenced by Jazz, Folk and Popular music styles. With loads of experience under her belt, Reinhert has accomplished so much in her career. A dynamic artist that can truly blow anybody away, Reinhert’s experience truly shines through. She has just released a new track to follow up Dead Reckoning!

Hiding In The Dark is a track that sounds like a professional masterpiece. Kat Reinhert displays her expertise in crafting a piece that sounds so heavenly and truly touches her audience. The piano, kick drum and vocals that start the track sound so full, yet they create plenty of space for the rest of the orchestral-esque set-up. Her arrangement for Hiding In The Dark is so well composed, giving each element of the song a specific purpose. Each element serves you a slice of harmonious artistic craftsmanship. Reinhert’s vocals are so rich that the rest of the track seems secondary to her.

As a musician and theorist of music, the track is so minimally perfect. Everything seems to find the right space and contributes in such large portions to the rest of the song. There are so many ways to go about creating music, but having the best output is everyone’s goal and I think Kat Reinhert has done a brilliant job at that.

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