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Alicia Kruger - Do you
Alicia Kruger - Do you

Alicia Kruger – Do You | Self-care

London based singer-songwriter Alicia Kruger just released her second single, “Do You.” This R&B, soul based track is your ideal mellow song to chill out to. The song is characterized by its funky bass line and its syncopated beats. Alicia Kruger creates an ambient atmosphere with her sultry, dynamic vocals.

The song is the ultimate ode to the phrase, “You do you, boo” – and we are all here for it. The instrumentals on this track are really succinct and create an environment you can immerse yourself into. Alicia Kruger’s vocals and harmonies are the highlight of her music. Her sultry voice reminds me of Sade, Jhene Aiko and Erykah Badu. Alicia Kruger’s early 90s vocals vibe with the new age hip-hop beat really creates an interesting listen.

If you’re looking for a song to smoothly transition you from work to leisure – this is the track for you. All of Alicia Kruger’s music is driven by an empowering, self-love, no-bullshit attitude which is the perfect pick-me-up on a hard day. “I love myself, do you love you?” and “Do you love everything you do?” are questions I will now be asking myself- thanks to Alicia Kruger. Go slip into a pastel colored, slow R&B, self-care mode with this sultry groove.

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