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Sahara Beck - Stillness
Sahara Beck - Stillness

Sahara Beck – Stillness | immersive

Beck with her newest single, Stillness, Sahara Beck is out here turning heads. The Queensland based singer-songwriter is slowly building up her discography of well-crafted, beautiful music that you will find yourself returning to. Having just released her single Stillness, Beck has received radio support across the globe including influential stations such as Flux FM Germany; Indie XFM Los Angeles; Radio Doble Nueve Peru; 2XM Ireland; Radio Alternative Rock Brazil, Radio One India and ZFM NetherlandsSahara was also featured on ASIA POP 40 as the #AlternativeChoice. 

Stillness has a very decadent, dainty vulnerability to it. The vocals are eerie and beautiful. Sahara Beck creates an atmosphere to lose yourself into. She also says that she really wanted the heavy guitars in the chorus to accompany the soft, calm singing, the guitars are the (traffic) noise that were once overwhelming, but in juxtaposition to the kind of meditative vocal I was going for, they become like a soft cushion surrounding me – and we couldn’t explain it any better.

Sahara Beck displays dynamic vocals in Stillness, which are perfectly complemented by the heavy, electric guitars. Beck’s voice has a tremendously appealing and seductive quality to it that pulls you in every time. This trait, paired with her distinct taste and style, gives her the new pop sound that we crave. Beck’s work reminds me of artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Lorde. Beck has been pushing her boundaries and experimenting with the wider range of her music, and it shows.
Stillness is a fresh and welcome change from Kryptonite and I cannot wait to hear more from her.

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