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Intercontinen7al – War's The Noise
Intercontinen7al – War's The Noise

INTERCONTINEN7AL – War’s The Noise | Ode For Peace

INTERCONTINEN7AL is a global music collective featuring artists across the globe composing music to raise money for humanitarian aid and charities.

INTERCONTINEN7AL features artists from all seven continents including Antarctica! It is fascinating that so many musicians could get together using BandLab as their tool. INTERCONTINEN7AL was first formed to raise money for the COVID pandemic in 2020. Their second volume of songs had their proceeds go to humanitarian efforts to curb human trafficking.

War’s The Noise is the latest rock ballad from the group with their third volume of songs against the madness of war. Proceeds from the single will go to the International Rescue Committee’s efforts to aid people affected by the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The album also features a song recorded by Ukrainian and Russian artists calling for peace. It is important to raise our voices against the madness of war for profit.

The song begins with clean guitars and heartfelt vocals by Andrasta expressing the emotions apt for the theme. We hear saxophones and tight drumming. The arrangement and production with the drums, bass, and pianos work to raise the core message of the track. The song outros on a high note with a blazing guitar solo by Matt Smith and Marcin Nawrocki. A highlight of the song, the guitar solo is truly emotional with phrasing expressing stunning feel and sentiments. This is followed by a sobering note of sax and clean guitars and a serene conclusion to the song. War’s The Noise features artists from Europe, North America, and South America.

With War’s The Noise, INTERCONTINEN7AL has penned a stunning ode to peace against the insanity that is war.

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