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lato camouflage
lato camouflage

LATO – Camouflage | Silvery Mystique

Italian alternative rock outfit, Lato has released their second single of the year, Camouflage. The track is a trippy weave that enlists threads of hard rock, grunge, and even rock and roll mixed into it. Loaded with texture and elating style blends, the track is a total winner for anyone who is in the market for rich and exuberant showers of rock music.

With a soothing arena of mellow baselines, fuzzy riffs and smoky vocals, the track has a cryptic enigma oozing out of it. Its gloomy textures softens the edges of the mind while enclosing us in a hazy euphoria. Licks of vintage rock and subtle lines of electronica blossom through the cracks of the warm guitar canvass.

Addictive leitmotifs center the track, as we sail on the mercurial melodies to psychedelic odysseys. Shrouded in shadows and smoke screens, we find ourselves getting lost in the glamorous maze of the song. We also see first-class guitar transitions and beats that have us grooving and loving life!

Undeniably charismatic and appealing, the track is an outlier, that shapes a world of its own. A silvery flow of thrilling mystique and magic, Camouflage by Lato is trippy as hell!

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Lato – Camouflage

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