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The 139 – Feeling Blue | Epically Captivating

The 139 is a new indie band from Bristol. Tom, George, Ben, and Danny speak for people who are lost in the middle and don’t have a voice of their own, with soft melodies and sturdy licks.

The 139 is called after their shared abode in Bristol. This is where the lads are always composing new songs while relishing the experience. They got their start in lockdown 2020, while lead singer Tom Smee began writing and recording demos for the band’s initial two singles. The band’s debut song, ‘The Past 6 Months,’ was dropped in September 2021, causing a stir in Bristol and laying the groundwork for a series of major gigs. Furthermore, Adam Crowther of BBC Radio Bristol featured the band on his show. They got off to a good start!

They have released a brand new single called ‘Feeling Blue.’ The song begins with just a voice and builds momentum over time. However, it never becomes sharp or jarring for the listener. You are treated with delicate rhythmic beats complemented by lovely electric guitar chords. Although the lyrics are about a sad event in a relationship- a breakup, the music is upbeat and lively. The punchy rhythms and instrumentals are an ingenious combination that provides listeners with beautiful melodies and excellent beats to keep them moving. This song demonstrates that The 139 is not your conventional indie rock band. They’re here to live on!

Enjoy listening to Feeling Blue here.

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