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The Loud Bangs – Stray Honey
The Loud Bangs – Stray Honey

The Loud Bangs – Stray Honey | Daring Horizon

Modern shoegaze alternative rock group The Loud Bangs from Los Angeles presents us with a trippy dazzling record in the form of Stray Honey. Centered around mental health, chunky grainy guitars, analog synths, and fuzzed up musical soda peppers their music. The band consists of band leader Alice Street and Daisy Gutierrez on guitars, bassist Hannah Remley, and drummer Marcus Nemuro with the production rituals of Darren Callahan. Stray Honey runs for 21 minutes and is composed of five tracks.

The first song Electroprize begins with bass and super fuzzy guitar chugs. With some vocal refrains, the song then proceeds to a steady drum rhythm and shoegaze production wizardry and the chugging goes along. The brief under three minutes track sets the tone for the daring sonic scope of the record. Bass leading us into the second track and first proper song Sex Complex, we hear some jangling guitars and ethereal vocals. This is a slow track with plenty of fuzz and gazy juice that will keep you tripped on the musical vibe of the track.

We All Want to Be All Right is the third track and mid-point of the EP. Managing a proper blend of acoustic sounds and retro voice samples with modern production, we are treated to a delightful sonic soundscape as the song progresses. Eventually, the overlapping vocal production layering is truly sweet ice cream for the ears. A must listen to at the night. Acoustic organic tones combined with modern experimental alternative rock production by The Loud Bangs are nothing short of magic!

Penultimately, the fourth track is This Is a Japanese Robot. From extreme sonic experiments, we go back to a retro alternative rock feel. With a catchy rock beat and guitars and bass to go along with, the track commences. What follows is an intoxicating concoction of retro cloudy timbres and ear nirvana inducing aural tonal palettes. Another genius track in terms of production and musical scope. The EP concludes with the final and final track Bell Gardens. The song is the last soft dessert in this stunning shoegaze forest that we just enjoyed, cleansing our palettes with some ponder worthy persistent sonic meditative experience as the record fades out.

Termed the “Pink Floyd of Shoegaze”, the band has gained much appreciation for their musical appeal and experimentation. In the tradition of (not only Shoegaze) but rock legends My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, and Sigur Ros, the band goes to challenge the past and craft a musical horizon with depth.

From the beginning, the artwork catches the attention. Halftone gradient reprographic printed dots present two colors converging, red and blue. Between these are black and white as the tones emerge and diverge. The feeling of listening to Stray Honey by The Loud Bangs is much like the wavering sense of going in and out of sonic areas, emerging out enlightened. In the fuzz filled hazy tradition of shoegaze and alternative rock.

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