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Terry K 3tl - Songs for Old Men | Mellifluous 
Terry K 3tl - Songs for Old Men | Mellifluous 

Terry K 3tl – Songs for Old Men | Mellifluous 

Terry Kozachenko is an ardent artist whose musical undertaking Terry K 3tl is a fructified example of talent turning into art. 

Terry K 3tl is known for its unique exquisite music styles that leave a deep impression on its listeners and form a connection through staggering lyrics and brilliant music. 

Their recent release is a song called Songs for Old Men, a gorgeous song with profound lyrics and impressive soundscapes. 

The song begins beautifully and distills the air around you with its profound laid-back, vintage feel. The song carries a sense of ease throughout and beautifully evokes feelings of nostalgia in its listeners. Even though people might find it hard to understand the nuances of the song at first because it is an intricate number, on listening to the song a few times, you will slowly be able to unravel its essence and come to terms with its extraordinary beauty. The fact is that the song has a beautifully woven connection between its lyrics and sounds. They somehow contradict and yet complement each other effortlessly and that’s the song’s USP. 

You will fall in love with Terry’s laid-back, carefree vocals that give you a sense of being old and weary, and yet the music somehow elevates your spirits in such a way that it is hard not to feel alive and rejuvenated. Production of this song has been done in a splendid way and you wouldn’t want it any other way because it is a perfectly woven piece of art that’s meant to heal you in ways unimaginable.

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