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Chintal Khatke-Idon'twantto
Chintal Khatke-Idon'twantto
Chintal Khatke-Idon'twantto

Chintal Khatke creates dreamy alt-pop with his second single release, “Idon’twantto”

Chintal Khatke has his own flavour he wants to bring in pop. There is a wide range of influences in his work, but his lyrics and execution are uniquely his. He has one other release which has been received well, and this comes as his second. The mélange of sounds is a leap forward from his first. This is Idon’twantto. 

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The production seems to be in Chintal’s favour in this track, The muted guitar in the background, synth pulses echo around his soft, appealing voice. The lyrics are to be noted, these are relatable feelings we all go through every once in a while. Chintal Khatke does a great job in making that vulnerability a tool in his music, there are no walls here. Just an open plain of synth rolls, electronic leads and elements.

Making pop for everyone

Instrumentals try to follow lyrical cues-more than half the song goes by with the electronic theme. An acoustic rush comes in with guitar strums and piano chord changes. The breaks are also worth experiencing as a whole, it creates for a bridge unlike any other pop song would you have heard in the mainstream. He flicks the rock switch suddenly, and it becomes an awe-inspiring collision of themes. 

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Drunk n High should be listened to just for the spectrum he can follow. These are the nuances that show that pop isn’t just a blanket genre. Here within that bubble, Chintal Khatke makes details and effects that would inspire anyone from anywhere. Listen to his groundbreaking style of sound here:

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