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Angry Oranges for Dinner Peter Michaels Jr.
Angry Oranges for Dinner Peter Michaels Jr.
Angry Oranges for Dinner Peter Michaels Jr.

“Angry Oranges for Dinner” by Peter Michaels Jr. Is A Whimsical Fusion of Funk, Pop, and Jazz Magic

Peter Michaels Jr.’s latest album, “Angry Oranges for Dinner,” is a delightful musical journey that fuses wacky funk, baroque pop, neo soul, jazz, and hip-hop into a seamless, 27-minute experience. With a diverse range of influences and an undeniable talent for composition, Michaels Jr. creates an album that is both catchy and sonically rich, leaving listeners craving for more.

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From the opening track, “Almost Five,” the album grabs your attention with its intriguing synth and mesmerizing neo soul funk jazz fusion sound. The catchy funk grooves, combined with the hip-hop foundation, make this song an instant earworm. The keys on this track are particularly impressive, adding a touch of swag that sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Free From the Brain” continues the infectious groove and introduces Michaels Jr.’s impressive vocals and harmonies. The blend of genres and arrangements throughout the album is striking, showcasing his versatility as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. It’s evident that his upbringing in the world of 60s and 70s hard rock, particularly his love for The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones, has influenced his compositions.

Tracks like “Everything” and “Talk About Us” bring baroque rock elements with a fusion twist, reminiscent of the psychedelic era of The Beatles. The arrangements are superb, filled with unexpected chord progressions that keep the listener engaged. Meanwhile, “With Him” takes a nostalgic trip to the soundscape of the Fab Four, featuring retro synths and impeccable vocal harmonies that transport you back to the golden age of pop. “Angry Oranges for Dinner” also showcases Michaels Jr.’s ability to rock out. “Burned” delivers a high-paced retro rock ‘n’ roll number, featuring fiery guitar solos and floor-burning drum beats. On the other hand, “Don’t Call Us” adds a touch of retro electro, featuring glassy vocals and captivating electronic beats and synths.

Throughout the album, Michaels Jr. proves his mastery of innovative songwriting, production and musical styles. From the flamenco-style guitar on “I Wish You Well” to the smooth bass and velvety arrangements of “sadboys,” each track presents a different facet of the sonic scope of the record. The album concludes with “The Sun Guide,” a song that encapsulates the wacky feel of the entire album, blending phenomenal chord voicings, and string arrangements into a musical masterpiece.

“Angry Oranges for Dinner” is an album that exudes happiness and would fit perfectly in a Wes Anderson movie. Peter Michaels Jr. has crafted a collection of excellent compositions that showcase his wide range of musical influences. With its fusion of genres, infectious grooves, and undeniable musical genius, this album is a must-listen taking you across a wacky funk, baroque pop, neo soul, jazz, and hip-hop fusion. Prepare to be enchanted by the whimsical magic of “Angry Oranges for Dinner.”

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