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Under Delusion-Pain
Under Delusion-Pain
Under Delusion-Pain

Under Delusion-Pain | Vigor

Reviving the material sorrow of emo and fusing it with the raw power of alternative rock- Under Delusion are on fire with their latest track. Called Pain, the track is reminiscent of almost a decade of melodies, emotions and lyrics that percolate perfectly.

Pain begins with that familiar riff that reminded me of Breaking Benjamin’s classic hit, The Diary of Jane. It progresses to transfuse into an alloy of different styles, each a eulogy to masters of the genre and what they’ve done for it. Holding on to your sorrow and enjoying solitude, Under Delusion bring you exactly what their description says they will. Delusion. It fuels the feelings you already feel and want to say.

Except that it’s with some great rock cranking through those amps, so it sounds great. A solo section would have been fantastic after the second bridge, but the pitch change played a good hand as well. Under Delusion are bringing back hard, classic rock as plain as it comes, and that itself is beautiful to listen to.

Make your journey over here and don’t forget to begin with their hit track Fairy. It has a groovy riff, so you’ll find it worth your while.

Learn to rock with the basics of alt-rock with Pain here:

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