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DJ Zenas - The Spot Feat. Ramond
DJ Zenas - The Spot Feat. Ramond

DJ Zenas – The Spot | Smooth

DJ Zenas is more than just a DJ. Based out in Dallas, Texas, Zenas has furthered his music career from spinning discs to producing, writing and performing all his own music at venues. Zenas dabbles in Hip Hop and R&B. With an interesting sense of production and lyrical writing style, Zenas creates music that comes from a very passionate place for creating music for everyone.

The Spot is a track that is just so smooth. The beats are really groovy, keeping you in a pretty relaxed state as you listen to the melodious verse and chorus by DJ Zenas. The beat changes mildly during the hook when featured artist Ramond chimes in. The track has a very light atmosphere, with some heavy beats to balance out the flavour. You’re caught in this crossfire of light and heavy elements, but it works so well. DJ Zenas has a really interesting choice in melodies, taking his flow and completely changing it at different points during his track.

Zenas reminds me of artists like Tory Lanez, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, Russ, and Drake with his soft nature in his tracks talking about things like love, parties and overall hype. It’s always interesting to see an artist like Zenas come up through the ranks. I’d keep an eye out for Zenas if I was you!

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