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Marigold Ingot - Whiskey and Wine
Marigold Ingot - Whiskey and Wine

Marigold Ingot – Whiskey and Wine | Comforting

Marigold Ingot is a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia. Her flair for theatricality comes from spending the better part of two decades performing on a stage either singing, acting and/or dancing. Marigold creates her music with a personal, passionate touch and the right amount of sass and flair.

Whiskey and Wine is such a beautifully written track, having many bluesy elements, but also those of Pop and Rock. The driving drums keep the time going in this rather smooth flow. The piano and bass guitar really create a beautiful groove for the wind instruments that create the most surreal atmosphere you’ve heard. Marigold Ingot uses this track to express how sometimes things can take a break for us to relax with a little bit of whiskey and wine. Ingot’s genre is hard to pin down considering her eclectic use of Country, Jazz, Blues, Pop, and Rock.

I, personally love the mix because of how clear everything is. Marigold Ingot creates brilliant space with her vocals, leaving open spaces for the wind instruments to fill in the percussive spaces. Whiskey and Wine is definitely a track to have on your road trip playlists because of how positive and upbeat it is. You won’t even notice the time go by!

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