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Osaka J-Pop quartet SCANDAL nabs Guinness World Record!
Osaka J-Pop quartet SCANDAL nabs Guinness World Record!

Osaka J-Rock quartet SCANDAL nabs Guinness World Record!

On August 21, the Osaka pop rock band SCANDAL achieved history when they were named the “Longest Running Rock Band with the Same Musicians (Female)” by Guinness World Records. On that day, the band also celebrated its 17th birthday and drummer, RINA’s 32nd birthday. In front of 1,900 fans, SCANDAL celebrated the once-in-a-lifetime achievement at Namba Hatch with a sold-out performance and award ceremony. The event was broadcast in part, live on their YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok pages.

SCANDAL remains one of the most recognized all-female Japanese rock pioneers, and the unit’s formation in 2006 well precedes the recent renaissance of female empowerment in Jpop and Jrock. The schoolgirls-turned-rockstars exploded onto the scene in 2008 with major label debut DOLL. They continued to rocket fuel their way to fame with hits such as Shojo S, Shunkan Sentimental, and Yoake no Ryuuseigun, which respectively became theme songs for the anime Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, and Pokémon.

Historical move by the SCANDAL-ous Bunch!

Vocalist and guitarist HARUNA reflected on her trip as the Guinness official presented the prize and thanked everyone for their support along the way:

Once again, I am so happy to be a member of SCANDAL. Thank you very much! We were all in a dance school, but 17 years ago we performed on stage at Namba Hatch for the first time with instruments. That was the start of SCANDAL. I always liked expressing myself, but I fell in love with music when I discovered the joy of expressing myself with a musical instrument. Since becoming a band member, I think I’ve been able to experience a whole spectrum of feelings. We have the world’s best members, the world’s best staff, and the world’s best fans who create the best space with the best smiles. Let’s see more and more better sceneries together.

The most recent digital single by the JRock squad Naka de Bokura Zutto made its debut during the event. With an energetic performance of strings and piano, as well as a brief address from guitarist and composer MAMI.

Following a performance at Anime Friends 2023, SCANDAL just returned from Brazil. They will next appear at “KAKOGAWA MUSIC FES 2023 re:START” in September.

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