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Samir Bodhi- Memories of Empathy
Samir Bodhi- Memories of Empathy
Samir Bodhi- Memories of Empathy

Samir Bodhi takes you through a colourful fusion in “Memories of Empathy”

Maybe none can represent the duality of personalities like Samir Bodhi. Adopting an alter ego like Bruce Wayne, this musician is also a tenured professor, a scientist and scholar. If that was not enough, he has a wide spectrum of audio experimentation as a composer with virtuosic talents in multiple instruments. The length of an infinite page might not do him justice. We explore his murmurs with melody with his album, Memories of Empathy. 

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As a musician, there is a lot to explore with Samir Bodhi and his exciting sound. It is like a dive into a cinematic world that keeps growing. His album opens with Have and Have Nots. If you thought the track will delve into just instrumental seafaring, you’re instantly proven wrong. Do not be tricked by his gentle demeanour and appearance. A beat touches down that contains the score. The bassline is dynamic, inviting the vocals that will grace the song with the introductory prayer. Guitar work still sprinkles fairy dust in the background, as percussions roll in the valley behind. Madhumita Chatterjee, his wife and an exemplary singer, adds to the ethereal magic you experience.

Samir Bodhi melds gentle hues

A brilliant opening to an album that fuses the best of the worlds he represents. Samir Bodhi continues his journey into a new neural pathway with Heaven So High. The strings meld with the keys to create a lush instrumental prelude. The tabla percussions are something that work seamlessly with the santoor strings. There is a touch and go from cultures and styles, textures and faces with an incredible musician like this. Time seems to stand still, as the world being painted by him starts to take shape. Though I have had my fair share of listening to Hindustani classical music, this fusion explores the limitless potential of multiple worlds. Give me a canvas, for I can make art within this moment. That is how surreal Samir Bodhi’s compositions are. 

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Affinity has the slow exploration of going through a viscous vessel of emotions. It is as exciting as it is relaxing. Guitar strings reverberate just by the quality and choice of notes. It is difficult to explain how well he has found the grey between seemingly different cultures. Compassion-Karuna adds an ambient texture to his already transformative musical compositions. As someone who is arranging this music, it might be very complicated to visualise how effects and intonations are heard. Samir Bodhi makes it seem like it is just an auxiliary extension of his being. That is what it seems to be. 

Instrumental pontification

Indifference has a synthwave styled opening, that transcends into stringed epiphanies. With the meditative echoes of “Om” ringing, Samir takes you through the blended world of colour he shifts into so often. It is a melancholy experience, taking you through different bleeding shades. 

As you fade away from this album as Samir Bodhi does, it is difficult to comprehend what you have heard in one listen. A similar effect is left behind with his 2021 EP, Stairway to Nirvana. This brilliant composer has a lot to offer, listen to his album and follow him for more escapes to tranquility!

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