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A Road Trip to ‘Colorado’: Sparks In The Garden’s New Single

Sparks In The Garden, a Jacksonville, Florida-based acoustic rock band founded by brothers Tim and CJ Fluharty in 2015, refuses to be confined by a single genre, navigating effortlessly from Folk to Pop, and from Country to Rock. Their dynamic performances, marked by compelling vocals and unforgettable melodies, always keep the acoustic guitar at the heart of their sound. The latest single from Sparks In The Garden, titled “Colorado,” embarks on a mesmerizing journey through the expansive landscapes of America, igniting a yearning for the open road and the majestic mountains of Colorado. Keep reading for my thoughts!

The Americana influences in “Colorado” are unmistakable, establishing the perfect backdrop for a tune that invites listeners to embark on a road trip across the vast American terrain. The production skillfully captures the genre’s essence while incorporating a modern twist, adding a sense of freshness and relevance. The melody is infectious, mirroring the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado and making it appealing, distinctive and enjoyable. As the song progresses, it crescendos toward a powerful climax, featuring a standout solo that serves as a launching pad for the song’s climactic resolution, leaving a lasting impact on me– something I live for.

The lead singer’s vocal delivery is exceptional, conveying intensity and emotion that deeply resonates with the Americana music style, and is coupled with the guitars, playing a pivotal role in shaping the song’s atmosphere; which is all about feel-good from the get-go to the very end of the song, providing an overall sense of intensity and drive.

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Overall, “Colorado” by Sparks In The Garden is a delightfully refreshing road trip through the hills and mountains of Colorado, and makes for a great listen no matter the time of day. Check out the song here!

Here’s Sparks In The Garden on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sparksinthegarden/

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