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“Until I Fall”, Bloodlin3: Corpsecore, if that is a word

Aggressive, metal-inspired hip-hop has been around since the likes of $uicideboy$, SCARLXRD, and Corpse Husband. Over time, this niche subgenre of music has garnered its own devoted fan following– and following in similar footsteps is “Until I Fall”, by Bloodlin3. Please keep reading for my thoughts!

Bloodlin3 is a hip-hop group based out of Texas and Kentucky in the US– and they list Busta Rhymes, and Eminem, among others, as influences. The influence is visible throughout the duration of the song, with the aggressive rhyme-scheming of both Rhymes and ‘Em both present in plenty. Couple this with a brutally aggressive, 808-heavy production, and you have something that would tickle a very specific kind of eardrum– and that is a good thing.

From the long orchestral choruses to the choppy, surgical bars in the middle of the song, there is a lot to commend about the execution of this track. Everything sounds like it belongs exactly where it is– and all the instruments have more than enough place for themselves; a hallmark of a meticulously done production and post-processing job.

The use of voicings and creative mixing techniques finds itself on the podium here, with an energy that seems to only keep climbing through the duration of the song, and this makes for an absolute treat to the ears. “Until I Fall” is an example of the kind of track that rolls around not so often– but when it does, oh boy, does it leave an impression.

Check out “Until I Fall” by Bloodlin3 here!

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