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Scott Clay – More | Vitality

Seattle based Singer-Songwriter Scott Clay‘s song “More” was released in 2018 as part of his EP “Garden Songs”, and it sounds fantastic. The groove’s bounce and energetic character, brilliantly complimented by the funky guitar flourishes, perfectly matches the mood. Throughout, there is a strong rock’n’roll atmosphere. The guitar licks are incredible, and they go well with the vocal delivery. The sound is maintained natural and has a sense of liveliness, which will appeal to many listeners who want their music to be natural and clean. To compliment his partner, the songwriting is gentle and tastefully written. The melodic and rhythmic strength of the sonic design is enhanced by the rhythmic element in the vocal delivery.

The song starts with a really funky bass rhythm, which is very effectively supported by the guitar fills. The bass and drum rhythm take care of the groove with the right roll, allowing us to tap along. The vocal performance’s intensity is consistent, and the enthusiasm grows as the song proceeds. Guys sound extremely unified as a band, with no single instrument overpowering the others. The inclusion of rotary organ components is the icing on the cake. Until the melody fades away, the song sounds smooth and there is never a dull time. I believe that listeners will enjoy the track’s vibrancy and will choose to tune into the upbeat vibe.

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