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Blueprint Tokyo’s Take My Breath
Blueprint Tokyo’s Take My Breath
Blueprint Tokyo - Take My Breath

Blueprint Tokyo’s Take My Breath Is a Sheer Breath of Fresh Air in the form of a Beautifully Composed Indie Alternative Rock Song!

Get ready to dance and groove to some indie rock music as you feel the fresh sonic breeze in the latest single by Blueprint Tokyo, Take My Breath. Hailing from Oklahoma City, the United States of America, Kevin Daws, and Andrew Hale are the two prolific musicians who founded Blueprint Tokyo. Together, this duo brings you songs that are no less than a sheer breath of fresh air spanning the sub-genres of rock and pop music alike with their special sonic touches that make their duo a unique musical act to look out for, and no wonder they come with extensive potential out of their decade long experience in playing music across the United States of America.

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Let us find out what this song has in store for listeners!

Take My Breath, Blueprint Tokyo’s latest single is a beautiful alternative rock song that reminds the listeners of the band U2, especially their songs during the 80s era with the atmospheric, artsy, soundscape adding the sonic colours upon the strong foundation of the rock genre. However, besides the overall synth, drums, bass, and guitar-based spacey sonic atmosphere of Blueprint Tokyo’s Take My Breath, the surprise element of the composition happens to be the inclusion of the saxophone which takes the song to a whole new level with its magic. On top of the musical aspect of the track, the soothing vocals shine bright in the foreground, therefore right from the moment listeners tune in to this song, they are in for experiencing a wholesome, fulfilling musical surprise.

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