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Sam French – Fade | Introspective

Sam French is an Indie-pop artist that hails from the North East of England. In his latest release, “Fade”, he reflects on the insecurities he faced in the past and has shared what he’s learned from the experience. Inspired by the likes of FINNEAS, Joji, and Jeff Buckley, his sound playful electronics, unorthodox beats, and headbangable drops.

“Fade” starts out sounding all dark and has a psychedelic vibe which is created by the slow-release strings and vocals that have a hypnotic tone. Sam’s lyrics are about how the pandemic led to a messed up year that had most people stuck indoors and inspecting their lives. The ticking clock provides an interesting rhythm in the background and you get the sense that time is running out. It adds a sense of urgency and helps us understand the reality of the limitations of time. With electronic sweeps and multiple synth fillers, Sam has kept the listener quite engaged.

The chorus lyrics, “Step inside your mind / tell me what you see / is it what you want?/ is it what you need?” are very introspective and highlight the main hook line of “Fade”. These lines are repeated multiple times over the 4:00-minute-long duration of the track invoking a feeling of the need to self-analyze and soul-search. Acoustic guitars, slightly unconventional beats, and ethereal atmospheres before the final drop at 3:00 are a great way to incorporate tension and release into the track. 

“Fade” is appropriate for current times because the lyrics discuss reflecting upon one’s actions and thoughts in this ever-lasting pandemic. Sam French seems to have channeled his lockdown blues into the composition and writing of this track, as is evident from its vibe. All in all, “Fade” is and dark EDM track that is intriguing and in some ways, experimental as well.

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