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Chucky Trading Co-Grace
Chucky Trading Co-Grace
Chucky Trading Co-Grace

Chucky Trading Co-Grace | From the Mecca of melody

Chucky Trading Co has constantly been delighting us these past two years with their pleasant singles. Their music rings true to the songwriting skill of the Laurel Canyon, and the tracks have an honest, homemade tang to it. Their latest single is Grace.

What Grace achieves as a single comes from the masters that honed the art of chiselling a track, with care and a peculiar predilection for detail. Like The Byrds or Neil Young’s Buffalo Springfield, the tracks have an acoustic rhythm ingrained within the progressions. The harmonics take the coasting simplicity of the track to another level, with accents and flourishes ringing out the catchy chorus section. The beat may be to Richard Marx’s unlikely 1991 summer hit Hazard, but the marrow of the song remains in the 4/4 which gives you a sense of companionship. The leads within the verse are carefully detailed to not take away from the lyrical ingredients. A song that comes from the past and stays for the future.

This track is but one in a long list of fun and ornate lyrical gems from Chucky Trading Co. Honey Bee, Margarita and Shadows stand out as some of their best work. We have no doubt we’ll be hearing more from these music aficionados soon, but till then, divulge in their stellar playlist.

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