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Harri Mason - Moonlight
Harri Mason - Moonlight

Harri Mason – Moonlight | Emotional Honesty

Harri Mason is an independent artist based in the UK. She has been writing and playing music since the age of 14! With influences like Bruce Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac, Harri is able to curate a niche within Pop Rock and Folk that speaks to various audiences. Having played in Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester and London, Harri Mason has already built up quite the reputation and experience in the music scene.

Moonlight is a track that has a more Soft Rock vibe going on for it. The track is a beautifully truthful song that spills some of Harri’s deepest thoughts. It is honest, with some intricate lyrics and haunting harmonies. The guitar work, simple as it is, stands out as a leading instrument. The drums follow suit. However, I’m most intrigued by what sounds like strings. They control the dynamics of the track, rising and falling like waves at the beach.

Harri Mason does a brilliant job to engage her audience with some vulnerable and honest music. The best way to deal with trauma seems to be sharing it through art, or at least that’s what Harri Mason portrays. One can see that there’s a huge influence from Stevie Nicks’ songwriting style, and it works wonderfully.

I really believe that Harri has got the chops for the business. Her talent seems to be overflowing with emotional honesty. It’s a vibe that can only be matched by other artists who have been able to be this honest with their audiences.

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