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alison cohen- deep end
alison cohen- deep end

Colors of the ‘Deep End’ – Dreamy and Harmonious Pop Canvas Painted by Alison Cohen

Alison Cohen is a rising talent whose music easily blends today’s chart-toppers with a touch of nostalgia. Her narrative songwriting and colorful pop production make a compelling mix. Her songs express optimism and an air of sass, even in times of sadness, with confident narratives of self-exploration. Alison has been perfecting her art since her debut EP “Neon Girl,” in 2018, fusing 80s synth-pop sounds with contemporary bedroom pop elements. She draws musical inspiration from icons such as Tears for Fears and the Eurythmics, as well as recent musicians such as Lorde, SG Lewis, and Clairo. Alison’s bright and intriguing soundscapes are going to delight you.

“Deep End,” Alison Cohen’s latest single, is a spellbinding musical journey. It stirs deep emotions. It is warm, upbeat yet does not leave the melodic ground. The key work really shines with a dreamy quality, perfectly complementing Alison’s beautiful voice. The nostalgic vibes resulting from the synth work connect perfectly with the contemporary sounds of the drum beats and bassline. Throughout the song, the synth work shines brilliantly, taking you on an enchanting journey through multiple variations. As the song rises to its climax, Alison’s vocals rise to their highest point, harmonizing with all of the instruments in a euphoric celebration of sound.

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What drew me into “Deep End” were the real and honest lyrics that hit home. Lines like “I’ve been learning how to be friends with everything that’s inside of my head” and “There’s no one left that I can blame, I’m pulling it together slowly, feeling better than ever” struck my heart and made me fall in love with the song even more.

Alison Cohen has created a remarkable work of art in “Deep End,” where dreamy sounds and heartfelt lyrics come together to create a distinctive musical experience.

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Enjoy listening to “Deep End” by Alison Cohen here.

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