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Eli Lev – I’m Ready | Heartwarming
Eli Lev – I’m Ready | Heartwarming

Eli Lev – I’m Ready | Heartwarming

Eli Lev is an established singer, songwriter, musician, and global citizen. He has been writing songs for a very long time, his lyrics are deep and enlightening and his melodies are just made for you to fall in love with his music. A lot of emotions run through Eli lev’s songs, they are heartfelt, soothing, and soulful. Based in Maryland, US, Eli Lev has gained a huge fan following through the years and has a pretty spectacular number of monthly listeners on Spotify.

Eli Lev has recently completed his musical project called “Four Directions” which includes four EPs. Eli is back with yet another wonderful song called “I’m Ready” in collaboration with the legend “My Silent Bravery”. It is a very happy-sounding and motivating song that just spreads a lot of positivity. 

Talking about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with an amazing acoustic guitar and pads that instantly sets the happy vibe. Soon the beautiful vocals of Eli kick in with an amazing melody. The song rises with bass on the drum and harmonized vocals. The chorus is so catchy and easy to remember, it makes you want to sing along and dance. The song really lifts up in the end when everything comes together, the guitars, the pads, the claps, and the vocals. 

Eli Lev and My Silent Bravery have made a brilliant song. It just emits a lot of positivity and emotions. “I’m Ready” is a perfect song to listen to in the mornings and I highly recommend listening to it. 

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