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Petrol-Pyle On
Petrol-Pyle On
Petrol-Pyle On

Petrol bring pop rock to primitive energy on their latest single, “Pyle On”

If you’ve ever heard Petrol, you know it is a week-long affair. Not only is their music relatable, accessible rock-but there are melodies that keep you hooked. As artists, their music has made an envelope for those who just like to sing the riffs, lyrics and hooks out. Exciting, fresh and always game, their sound has become something of a mini-phenomenon. Prepare for the wave. This is their latest single, Pyle On. 

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First take fury

If you’ve watched an explosion, you know it lasts only seconds. The memory might stay on for decades. That is the power of Petrol in their latest single. With a hoot, they start out with a catchy rock riff. They bring in the swing with simple 4 chord changes-and you feel yourself as part of the song. No excess complications muddle up the listener-band relation, and that’s how it should be. Short and sweet at less than 2 minutes, some of their parts have a sound like The Hives, while they create a raucous energy worth participating in by the end. It is miles away from their single Joeboy– which received so much attention for its addictive instrumental opening. 

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You might recognise Petrol from their single, Bloodbath. Another drum heavy single, it has an unforgettable hook that shows us how their music tastes span decades of artists. In this way, they have found a sound of their own-something inspiring and widely loved. Listen to their single Pyle On here with us:

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