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Into the Light-Bridge
Into the Light-Bridge
Into the Light-Bridge

Into the Light ravage us with riffs on their latest single, “Bridge”

Into the Light are the calling sound of rock- the fist the rules the throne. Comprised like a supergroup, from members of Hard To Know, Bad Bloom, The Silence Broken and Achilles. These guys have the approach to raze Marshall stack to the ground. With inspirations ranging from rock to post-rock, their sound will remain a surprise till you listen to the track. This is their latest single, Bridge.

From Manuscript, you take a hard rock tone with Bridge. What styles have inspired you enough to truly explore them?

We’re all huge fans of shoegaze and 90’s grunge/rock, but some of us have also been actively engaged in hardcore and metal bands on the side. These first releases are two good examples of how light and heavy we can go. Releasing both of these songs back-to-back showcases the diversity of sound we’re going for with Into the Light. For us, there aren’t really any rules as far as types of songs we write. It’s likely we’ll write something harder than Bridge, and something more gazey than Manuscript.

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Rock fans making rock music

Just that pro-level feedback going into the opening chord should incite goosebumps. The band bring a kick-ass riff, which reeks of hard rock delight. You are guided into the verse section with muted guitars, but the riff changes-the dark density and gravity clouds the surrounding space. The production is stellar, producer Steve Sopchak is to thank. With the crisp, blood-curdling anger and aggression felt in the riff, you’ll be headbanging to the torrid tempo of Bridge through the day. 

Being a supergroup of sorts, you’re bringing in elements from many styles. How does the creative process settle in this case?

We have such a vast and diverse interest in music that we can take elements from hardcore / metal, and infuse those elements with something unexpected and catchy… even mainstream pop. We don’t think anyone sees us as a supergroup though. Just a bunch of guys who love playing music and dig subverting expectations. It’s safe to say that those who know our history as musicians were very surprised when Manuscript was first released. We’re happy to say it was a pleasant surprise!

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Fusing styles like this, do you find surprising aspects bloom during songwriting? Especially given your individual journeys?

Absolutely we do! Usually, one band member will bring in a song with a rough completed outline. Then the rest of the band members will arrange & add parts that make for a greater song once the final product emerges. In the end, it’s just really rad to jam with friends (and brothers!) and organically come up with songs we feel deeply passionate about.

The rage in rock

The actual bridge of the song is an obvious tip of the hat to shoegaze legends. They let you absorb the sound with varying rhythm. The duality of the aggression, while delivering something so uplifting, is what puts these guys on the must-listen list. 

Do we see an album release this year? What about touring?

We most definitely plan on releasing more songs this year. The whole album philosophy has really changed in music. Over the last few years, we’ve observed that a good number of bands end up releasing singles here or there, in addition to bands doing the full album format. I think it’s important to be creative and not be stuck labeling a FULL album as the “norm” these days. It’s cool (and liberating) to put out songs when they feel ready.

As far as touring, we plan on playing as much as we can, but something like a tour might be difficult with our full-time jobs.

The many journeys of Into the Light

  What other tributaries in music do you see yourself following? Any unlikely inspirations that fans might not know?

We all have pretty different inspirations, which is fun because it leads to some unexpected places. For example: Bridge has a part in it that’s inspired by the band Ride, which few people pick up on, since it’s a harder hitting song. Of course, our individual inspirations don’t always overlap, but we’re OK with that! We’ve learned pretty early on that it’s our varied influences, histories, and perspectives on music, that make this a band one we feel a large variety of listeners will be able to identify with.

Only 3:10 long, this song does so much more damage that can be gauged. It is like a Molotov cocktail, ready to go and create a riot. Listen to their other single Manuscript as well, for continuing this decay into the divine. Into the Light are to be watched out for, with their technical mastery and raw delivery that would put Rocky’s left hook to shame. Listen to their single here:

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