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Hazey Grace's Daydream
Hazey Grace's Daydream
Hazey Grace - Daydream

The Latest Debut EP of Hazey Grace, Daydream, Exemplifies Brilliant Musical Artistry

It is indeed challenging to put forth one’s vision and execute a musical project single-handedly. However, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hazey Grace’s Daydream is the EP that serves as the finest example of a one-person band and the amazing musical artistry it offers. Even though it is difficult to take responsibility for a project entirely by one person, Hazey shows us his utmost brilliance by presenting us with this EP, where every song is a sheer example of immense musical talent and creativity. It is as if a single-handed take on this project has allowed him to execute his vision and ideas with a lot of freedom, and as a result, we, the listeners, get a treat to the ears with some of the most amazing songs.

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The perfect blend of soul-pleasing music and beautiful lyrics!

Daydream, Hazey Grace’s latest debut EP, consists of four beautiful tracks that are completely different in vibes, content, and composition, and it runs for a span of seventeen minutes and seven seconds. It certainly seems like a short span considering this is a four-song EP, but it is undoubtedly a soul-satisfying treat to the listeners. Moreover, the songs take you on a journey through a variety of sonic explorations right from the very first moment you tune in.

The tracks of the EP, Old Friends, Yellow Dress, Daydream, and Find Your Way, all serve a different musical and narrative landscape through their individual compositions and lyrics. Talking of the lyrics, the credits of which go to Hazey are exceptionally good, and you will find a sense of honesty through which he writes his heart and soul out. It is as if the artist narrates the stories of different moments and self-experiences of life to the listeners through these beautifully written songs.

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So if you are fond of exploring a fresh new EP comprising some brilliantly composed songs, then Hazey Grace’s Daydream is what you must check out. Listen to this EP here:

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