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OH.Tae – CCC | Funk and Groove
OH.Tae – CCC | Funk and Groove

OH.Tae – CCC | Funk and Groove

OH.Tae is a singer, songwriter, and producer, born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She has been writing songs for quite a while now, and her songs are a true reflection of her ingenuity as an artist.

OH.Tae just released a song called CCC which is a really cool number, to begin with. From the nice and funky lyrics to the awesome pace, everything about CCC will leave you wanting more. The song has an easy-breezy vibe to it, which is exactly what makes it so upbeat and a classic.

Not all funky and upbeat songs are enjoyable. Especially if you are someone who’s really into deep and sombre music, an upbeat track once in a while doesn’t hurt anyone right. But only if it makes sense. The great thing about CCC is that everything in this song fits together perfectly well. The lyrics are elevating, to say the least, with a tint of pretension that is sure to set you in a nice confident mood.  The tunes that kick in feel amazing to the ears. If you have spent the day working tirelessly, playing this song at the end of the day would help you relax and charge yourself.

The song has some amazing beats that make it even more nice and groovy. The whole mix of upbeatness, rhythm, and depth, makes this song a classic. Moreover, if you are into upbeat songs that also have an intrinsic calmness to them, this is a song you just shouldn’t miss.

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