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The Oxford Drive Band-Long Way Home
The Oxford Drive Band-Long Way Home
The Oxford Drive Band-Long Way Home

The Oxford Drive Band-Long Way Home | Where the wheels take us

If it’s a long way home, it’s because they’ve traveled the distance. The Oxford Drive Band are a new addition to Spotify, but listening to their music is a scrapbook of memories and wonderful experiences. Their debut single Long Way Home is now live, and we know the road beckons and the car has a glint of mischief.

With superior acoustics and ambient, pure sound- The Oxford Drive Band are in a journey of their own. A simple chord progression echoes as the background, while poetic, nostalgic lyrics are the engine of this four wheeled crate. As the synths, guitars and vocals chime within the same register, the drums do their best as the resounding tap-not seeking any attention. The guitar solos are meditations within the same progression, not breaking away from the true essence of the song.

Their influences are many, yet this band does so much with so less. The debut album of The Paper Kites comes to mind, as well as Union Station with Alison Krauss. The song is a snippet of what the group has in store for us, and the kind of soundscapes that they might want to explore. Painting an abstract is a thing of the past, each journey feels like a journal entry. We just love listening to the publishes ones.

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