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ET – Gold | Rollercoaster Trip

Raised in CT, USA, ET is a musical project fuelled by passion for music, they also convey important messages embedded in every song. Driving heavy inspiration from Hip-Hop, ET fuses different genres and feels into their music making them limitless. They are known for their exceptional experimenting abilities which bewitches the listeners. Their vast influences has led to ET having a versatile style of music, leaving them able to experiment in different kinds of genres like emo rap, chill hop hip-hop, cloud rap, R&B hip-hop, and various others.

“ET is going places and ain’t nothing stopping them.”

ET recently released an EP which is a collaborative EP with Young Xiim which is named ‘Gold’ and as the name suggests is a true treasure. The album has 6 singles which are deeply influenced by Hip-Hop and R&B. Their versatile lyricism and deep musicality takes them a step ahead of others. The album is a masterpiece which will surely skyrocket ET’s career.

Track One- The EP starts off with the track ‘Believed In’ which according to me is one of the best start for an EP with such huge potency. The lyrics are deep and embrace the soul in an ecstatic realm. The music perfectly compliments the lyrics weaving a perfect vibe for the track. The drum rolls are innovative and something fresh out of the oven. The versatile use of distorted trumpets will surely blow your minds. The flows will bind the listeners to their seats throughout.

Track 2- The second track of the EP is ‘Move’ which is packed with intense musicality and smooth lyricism. The music is powerful enough to light up a whole country. The track is surely going up into my personal playlist. The groovy hi-hats blurs the line between reality and imagination binding you in an eternal trip.

Track 3- The third track of the EP is a bridge between the Intro and The whole EP. This track is called ‘It is what it is’ which is a perfect club banger which will make your feet move automatically. This is one of those tracks which will make you jump off your seat banging your head hard throughout the track.

Track 4- The fourth track of the EP is ‘Hero’ which portrays the artist’s vast versatility. The track has smooth, attractive melodies which will pierce into your skin like blade.

Track 5- The fifth track of the EP is ‘Rockin’ Like This’ which is a great track to vibe along and goes hard with the beat. The melodies are complex yet soothing. This might just be the most powerful track of the album.

Track 6- This is the last track of the EP which is called ‘WOW’ and that’s exactly what I sighed when I heard the track. ET has taken the toll up and down throughout the EP which feels like a rollercoaster ride. This might just be the best outro track of the decade.

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