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Square Pyramid - Square Pyramid
Square Pyramid - Square Pyramid

Square Pyramid – Square Pyramid |

Square Pyramid is an amazing band consisting of three members. The three-piece band is here with some classic bluesy rock-style songs infused with a touch of modernness. Square Pyramid consists of John Alexander on guitar and vocals, Joe Riccio on bass and vocals, and Eric Austin on drums. These three guys are enough to make you groove on their beats and set the stage on fire. Their music is heavily inspired by the 80s era of blues and rock and from some legendary artists like Hendrix, SRV, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and many more. 

Square Pyramid is debuting with their first album, “Square Pyramid”. An album filled with some of the greatest blues rock tracks I have heard. It has 11 songs and a run time of about 45 minutes. Let’s talk about the ingredients of some songs in detail. 

“Titan” is one of the songs from the album. The song starts with an interesting guitar riff that has a phaser effect with an acoustic guitar and a drum beat. The bass subtly kicks in with the intro and gives the necessary sound boost to the song. Soon the vocals kick in with a powerful melody and changing chords that grab the listener’s attention.  The chorus surely gives some Zeppelin vibes with that complex drumming and lifts up with a heavily distorted guitar. A smashing guitar solo comes at the end of the song which was highly anticipated. “Titan” is a track for the rock fans out there and is a must-listen.

Another interesting song from the album is called “Thread”. A track, well and heavily inspired by the sound of Stevie Ray Vaughn. The song starts with a drum roll and immediately into a 12-bar blues track with the introduction of the guitar. The guitar riff is so intriguing with all those bluesy elements and energy. Soon the vocals kick in a classic way with the guitar and bass in the background. There’s always going to be a sick solo if it’s 12 bar song and “Thread” has it right after the first chorus. The solo is so energetic and powerful. And the song also ends with a guitar solo with a combo of bass and drums going full god mode. “Thread” is a perfect song for all the blues fans. 

“Square Pyramid” is an album you must not miss out on listening to. The band Square Pyramid is a master of blues rock music making phenomenal music. 

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