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SALt – Fairy Tale on Fire | Electrifying
SALt – Fairy Tale on Fire | Electrifying

SALt – Fairy Tale on Fire | Electrifying 

SALt is an ardent band creating some amazing alternative post-punk pop music for their fans. Based in Scotland, they are an extremely independent group of musicians who write, record, produce and release their music. The four-piece band does all the work together to put out some wonderful music. The band consists of the lead singer “Sharon Woods”, the lead guitarist “Robin Woods”, the drummer and keyboardist “James King”, and the bassist “Simon Kettles”. 

The band is no stranger to the music scene in the U.K. and has gained recognition from radios like BBC6 Radio and others across the country. SALt has been putting out music for a long time and started out with their debut single called “Shiney Bright” in 2018. Since then, they have put out several singles, and three albums. The recently released third album is dubbed “Fairy Tale on Fire” and has 15 songs and a run time of about 55 minutes. Let’s talk about some of the songs from the album in detail.  

The first song in the album is called “Halo”. The song starts with an amazing riff on a bass guitar giving out those classic punk vibes. A pad and rhythm on the electric guitar lift up when the drums kick in with a roll. Soon the vocals come in with full power and lift up the song. The melody is very interesting and fun. The drums along with guitars and bass make a powerful progression to grove on.  The chorus is filled with different instruments and vocals and is catchy as well. It’s a must-listen song. Another masterpiece from the album is called “Fairy Tale on Fire” the same as the album name. The song starts with an eerie tone on a pad and a soft and mellow rhythm on the electric guitar. Soon the vocals kick with a soft airy and atmospheric touch. The melody is very beautiful and feels like an emotional ballad that sticks to your mind. The song gives a huge 80s emo/pop song vibe with its melody and instrumentation. The song comes out with a surprise wrapped in a layer of rock changing the feel of the song completely. The soft emo ballad song turns completely into a full-on heavy rock song.  The song ends on the same low tone as it started giving it a perfect end. 

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