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Danielle Goz – Walking On Air
Danielle Goz – Walking On Air

Danielle Goz – Walking On Air | Vocal Cotton Candy

Walking On Air is the latest single by Los Angeles based pop artist Danielle Goz which is creating some strong ripples. Danielle, who writes and produced her own music, is originally from New York City. In this magical track, diverse elements are brought in to give a wholesome feel. This includes the sweet, plucky sound of the ukelele. Danielle’s vocals showcase impressive multi-layered harmonies that add depth and richness to the overall sound.

A soothing ukelele riff that is trebly and twangy commences the song. Pop beats are then added to this backdrop. The beats get heavier on the low end eventually. Vocal harmonies and multiple layering and tracks are well applied baking this sweet delight of a mix. The middle section features a multi-layered vocal section which sounds beautiful and ethereal. This is the real standout part of the song for me. The song is making an impact with Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore featuring the song on her TikTok. Danielle Goz is also working on some music for films starring Sean Penn and Liam Neeson.

Despite its light and upbeat nature, “Electric Ukelele” is a song that boasts a vast sonic canvas, with dense layers of reverb and production that give it a rich and full sound. The production on the song is top-notch, with clever use of reverb and other effects that give the song a spacious and expansive feel. Despite all of the layers of sound, the song remains light and airy, with a sense of openness that allows the listener to really sink into the music. Overall, “Electric Ukelele” by Danielle Goz is a song that offers a great balance of lightness and density, making it a truly unique and enjoyable listening experience.

We get to speak with Danielle about the song.

1. Please tell us about your musical upbringing and influences.

I grew up listening to a variety of music from rock, pop, electronic and r&b.   For this song, my inspirations were a mix of electronic and r&b. Flume is a huge inspiration for me with their calming, interesting and experimental sounds, and I’m also inspired by Jhene Aiko with her beautiful and dreamy melodies and tones. “Walking on Air” was a blend between those two styles inspiration wise. 

2. The song has some beautiful production and multi-layered harmonies, what was the overall recording and mixing experience like?

When writing the song I actually pictured the hook melody to be different samples of my voice and to sound a little bit more robotic. So I cut the demo emulating that type of sound. And I ended up thinking it sounded cool so I just kept it that way for the final version.  My good friend and producer Cubboom mixed the vocals for me and did an incredible job as you can hear. 

3. Drew Barrymore was lucky that she found this stunner of a song. What is your approach towards ensuring your music reaches the right and most people?

I’m really so lucky to have had Drew using my song on tik tok and Instagram. As far as ensuring my songs reach the right people, I start with creating content that is true to me, and resonates with me, and with that I attract people who understand and want to follow it. I really just want to spread positivity and authenticity with the world.  I try to be consistent with that in my music and content. 

4. The middle section with multi-layered vocal harmonies and tracks sounds ethereal, how did you figure adding and even recording that section into the song?

Usually when I’m writing I just sing what I hear in my head without even thinking about it. This is what I did while I was recording the demo for this section of the song. I started out with that main melody and then kept layering harmonies (my favorite thing to do) and adding every cool little vocal idea I could think of until it almost sounded like an orchestra made up of my voice. 

5. I really like the way ukelele and diverse elements are brought in to give a wholesome feel, what was the songwriting process like for the song?

First, I just got back from the beach when writing, “Walking on Air” so I was definitely inspired by the chill, wholesome feel. I started off coming up with melodies and those melodies inspired a feeling of freedom which was extremely liberating to me at the time, being that I did not feel free at all. It was actually a time where I was working on so much music but wasn’t putting anything out due to fear. So for the hook, the lyrics “walking on air” came to me as a feeling of weight being lifted off of me to the point where I almost felt like I was floating. The writing process was so honest for me that it actually became a manifestation. “Walking on Air” became the first song I released and I got a better response than I could’ve imagined, and I hope that can inspire people to do the same. 

6. What is there in the current scheme of things? Upcoming singles, albums, live gigs?

I have a new single coming out in the beginning of the year that I may have a surprise producer or two on.  Beyond excited for the world to hear the new music and I’ll also be performing my songs live, which I cannot wait to do. 

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