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Spyderhuff – The Mirror
Spyderhuff – The Mirror

Spyderhuff – The Mirror | Harmonica High

The Mirror is the sixth single or sin from the SIN7 EP by maverick Detroit rock act Spyderhuff based on the deadly sins. We get a harmonica dipped tasty track of blues rock and rock-n-roll. The song here represents the sin of pride as can be inferred from the title of the song. An organic raw sound with the smell of the blues is the highlight of the song.

A prominent and gritty blues bass line dominated the arrangement. The bass line is the groove pulse of the song. There is plenty of space in the mix with a lesser dominance of the guitar allowing for every element to breathe. The harmonica existing in this airy canvas is a delight to savour. Eclectic percussions are combined with tastefully performed minimal blues style drumming. Harmonica riff being combined with the guitar riff is a great way to create a resounding motif by Spyderhuff.

This engaging but relatively laid back blues rock song is smooth and harmonious. The vocals come in with a soulful, bluesy tone that is both relatable and soothing. The melody is catchy and easy to follow, with a strong beat that keeps the listener engaged. The song builds in intensity as it progresses, with apt energy and depth to the sound. The lyrics on the eternal vice of vanity are honest and raw, expressing emotions in a way that is both authentic and universal.

Spyderhuff with The Mirror crafts blues rock song is a perfect blend of expression and emotion, making it a great choice for anyone looking to unwind and lose themselves in the classic but modern blues sound of the delta.

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